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From Struggling and Burnout to Solo & DuoPreneur

Life seemed to sweet all the way. Different countries, amazing cultures, interesting entrepreneurial endeavours. I never really made it in an employment situation, and yet I struggled, with concepts that I could not cope with, or rung true to me. My creativity, talents, and insights were always appreciated, but not rewarded. In business, I would be the one losing out, weather it was partnerships or collaborations. In employment, I ended up stressed and bullied.

When I quit, in 2012, with severe burnout, I returned to Jamaica to recover. Again, collaborations failed, but I combined my mystic & educational gifts. Always hoping for some kind of big breakthrough. When Cecie entered my life, Jamaica seemed to be out and we tried Lima & Peru. But, who knew my mother needed care and her only son, me, to manage her affairs. From 2016 to 2017 even living with her for 14 months with Cecie. Our life, our breakthrough again on hold, and another burnout.

Finally, after another 5 months in 2019 with my mom, the realisation came in and I could finally claim my life and my art. My mother in a nursing home and me back in the Jungle, ready to do my thing.

And yet, I did live part of life, the Yogi, the Mystic, the ChakaRuna, the Hummingbird, the imaginarian helping others to see how they tick, what makes them click and how they can find their kick to claim their nick.

The dreams of building up something big, working with others, running something big faded and proved to be more of a nightmare. It is really me, and sometimes me with Cecie. When a couple tries to be independent together it does not always bring happiness either. Each person has their own gifts and callings.

Struggles and burnout with resentment and pain became my companions, only with Yoga, Meditation, Sound, Spirit & Story Medicine and my vast eclectic resourcefulness could I arrive at the SoloPreneur, living my sacred dream this time and loving it. Spirit and Life have not let me down, it has just been the (un)learning I needed to have compassion for humanity, and value more my path of the Collective Self, sovereign and true.

It takes a lot of breaking and shaping story before the story makes it all.

The story of the SoloPreneur begun with yet a name, Patrick Sonqo-Talumewu, (a name I have chosen, Sonqo from the Quechua word, Heart, and Talumewu in honour of my Indonesian Mother, who gave me her name and more), yes, there is also Yenga, by spirit name, another story. Accepting to be a SoloPreneur was a big step for me, beyond shifting from receiving for value instead of money, but how to be true to my calling and my gifts.

In some ways, it is just me, exclusively, exquisitely and exponentially, me. And yes, there is so much that I do, and no more.

I bring mostly value to those who are ready or like help to awaken consciousness within.To find, connect and attune a sovereign, true & collective self so new horizons, consciousness, insights, inspiration & self-actualization, for a human shift to homo luminous awakens within and manifests in a New World.

Patrick, the SoloPreneur follows his heart exclusively, my kick and my nick, sharing what I embody. Preparing MasterClass Series, available for Sound, Spirit & Story Medicine, Language Art, Synergetix, Ceremonies, Quantum Coaching, as well as creating Content for Sonqos’ Worlds. Yes, it is all mystic, synergy and a quantum experience.

As DuoPreneurs, Cecie & I, lead & facilitate our Vital Shifting Retreat, we record together Sound Meditation Journeys for specific struggles & Horizons of Sonqos’ World. We have created Worlds of the Heart as a safe & sacred haven, a quantum space to awaken consciousness within. We also lead Ceremonies & Meditation Classes together. Couples who prefer Coaching with a couple, we are also together.

Cecie’s SoloPreneur Space are her Spirit Paintings from the Heart, as well all kind inspired craft. Sonqos’ Worlds Website Design and most photography is also by Cecie.

Arrival: Solo & DuoPreneur, I ain’t wait on anything or anyone, I am no more the object or the subject, neither the observer, seen or seer, lets see where that journey takes me and how we will find each other.

Full living in the Worlds of the Heart. May Ti (the Source of Light be with you)

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