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How to step into New Beginnings. Four friends helping to break old stories

At the end of an old year and beginning of a new year, we often get inspired to break our old habits and stories that hold us back. Often we call it resolutions. We want to shift what no longer serves, and often we are quite helpless when it comes to it. Not only the change of year presents us with crossroads where we can basically choose to stay in the old or choose something new.

To really breaking old stories is not so easy, it requires more than just writing down some romantic idea about self, and it is always related to our consciousness, our worldview, our perspectives and state of being.

Over time, much learning and unlearning, much integration & embodying, I want to introduce to you four friends that are amazing on the journey of truly living conscious, courageous, and clear.

Those four friends are condor, hummingbird, jaguar, and serpent, the animals from the four directions of the Q’ero shamans and Inka. You don’t have to be a shaman to use spirit animals. Also, the animals that are opening Sacred Space. It’s a relationship that makes conscious living easier. It is a new choice, a new perspective, a new thought, new emotions, and new actions.

So, imagine, you are at such a crossroad. You sense the disappointment, the pain, the conflict, maybe the anger. You realise the (dis)illusionment, the unfulfilled expectation, the dissonance. You have a choice to go in default functioning or default behaviours, wounds, or recycled past experiences.

ChoicePoints on a crossroad show that we have become conscious of the choice, and have an opportunity to embody our consciousness, using what we have learned, or disregard and use the same as we did for the last 10, 20, 30 or even more years.

And here come the four friends and how we can connect and take our choices into a symbolic realm. It could become a meditation, a shamanic journey or simply a quiet time.

Friend #1

When you call condor, you are asking for a new perspective from the highest perspective available to you. It can be surprising but it takes out of the trauma & drama, pain & wound and into compassion. And it is different all the time, and it will be a new perspective to you.

Friend #2

Hummingbird takes you into the impossible, what you can imagine, something amazing for this situation and a new choice, that simply comes from the heart and your integrity.

Friend #3

The beautiful jaguar, who looks eye to eye with endings and beginnings, and knows the courage of new thoughts, new feelings and new ways to respond. Stepping into the new, unexpected and uncertain with the knowing of pure consciousness and love.

Friend #4

Deeping the choice, becoming clear of the old story and walk with a serpent. This is the time to shed skin, the old and choose beauty and consciousness. trauma & drama, pain & wound and into compassion. And it is different all the time, and it will be a new perspective for you.

The only one who knows the choice, the new path on your crossroad is you. The four friends can help you to connect within. Yes, sometimes you may feel a guide on your path to you could make it easier. Sometimes a bridge to living your consciousness and find your new ways can help. You may find someone to facilitate your shifting experiences, integration & embodying. Trust so life, synchronicity & grace will conspire to bring those your way.

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