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My Story of the Hummingbird

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

This is my story, my Calling & Truths, my Connectedness. & Choice, my Convictions & Dynamics, my Rhythm & Vibe

The Enchantment with the Hummingbird Art by Cecie H. Sonaqo

Jamaican from the Heart, New Zealander by Passport & Connection, Living in Peru by Choice & Calling

Very early, I learned that my creative and intuitive mind and heart did not match the expectations of parents or teachers, and sometimes even friends. And yet, nothing could stop my connectedness to the mystical realms, to the quantum space and my calling within. in the worlds of my Hummingbird, I was daring the impossible possible, in a living systems world exploring the connections, behaviours, order and chaos, subjects and elements. I was fascinated by the subtle und unseen entering my consciousness and dimensionality. In my early days, I remember being in nature, while my mother the beekeeper worked with her bees, and writing what I could not say, inspired by language.

As a secondary student, I always asked the impossible questions, beyond the superficial facts and cause and effect. My interest always was in: and? What is beyond that? What does it feel like? Who is involved? How is it connected? How does it change? How does it keep safe? How does it rewire, fix and upgrade? I would dream and connect very early Spirit Worlds and Philosophy of India, the Americas, Africa, the Pacific, as well as Atlantis, and fairy and cosmic realms.

My youth struggles were mainly to be ‘normal’. I was rebellious, provocative and challenging while living in my own worlds, looking for connections and mystic traditions behind the curtain of slavery, control, and manipulation. My first choice would have been to study music, after more than ten years of singing, clarinet, accordion, but I just not bear to be dependent anymore at the age of 17, and yet music would always stay and return to me, eternally grateful to a mother that would sit to practise with me daily until I would make my onn choices and convictions.

Drinking soursop juice with Bob Marley and innocently talking about emancipating self from mental slavery just fed the mind, heart and soul of this growing youth, being a Tour Guide in Jamaica. Later John Pilger with his New World Order, and Naom Chomski and Manufacturing Consent would expand my horizons.

Life brought me to teaching, I started to feel at home, like a free hummingbird from the heart. When I was asked to train as a trainer, and later train the trainer, I said yes, and my life changed. Being in front of people made me connect energy, hearts, thoughts and emotions. As an introvert it was interesting to give and receive energy without being alone but connected within while sharing with the audience. Synchronicity took me to Indonesia running away from an abusive relationship and very soon teaching English and training in companies in Indonesia, just fell into my lap. I read the Chicken Soup, and taught from it, I became a substitute teacher, worked with Autists & Special Needs, and led Summer Schools for Executives and Leaders. My eclectic being, blossomed along with my connectedness with Indonesia, a love story. The sad part was that my clarinet was stolen in Jakarta, my closest companion for many years.

And yet the calling was far from being finished, Down Under, New Zealand was only the next step to open my horizons and deepen my unlearning. The hummingbird trusting and following its heart, fully connected to the worlds of the impossible I explored and excelled in the academic world in New Zealand, while simultaneously growing my spiritual and mystic side. One of the workshops brought me to the Pentatonic Flutes of the Americas, and of course love at first sight. It did not take long before my first flute was crafted in Australia for me. I had music back with me, over the years many flutes came to me, my voice awakened again, and I could share it from the heart.

MysticalBliss was conceived and born at this time. Eight years mostly independent in academia and three of employment invoked the call back home to Jamaica in 2012. A life change was prescribed to me and I listened again to the whisper of the hummingbird.

In 2013, the Phoenix arrived with Cecie and we joined forces as the Sonqos, (the ones from the Heart), as the heart plays a vital role, for the Hummingbird's spirit of going beyond and being connected. Together, we dance to our Rhythms like the Seahorses, and fly the Macao Parrots. First, bringing the Dragonfly to MysticalBliss enabling an exquisite metamorphosis, until Sonqos’ Worlds ignited the pulse and rhythms of vital relational connectedness, be it personal or couples, professional or educational, weaving our background and calling into the worlds of the heart.

It takes all our Imagination, Consciousness, Presentness, to connect beyond our own limitations and Audacity, Gratitude, and Love to live from the Heart.

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