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The Chains of Resentment and how to break them Stepping up, Stepping out & beyond

Do you know these questions? Do you know what it feels like?

I do, I have been there and I got really tired.

When you feel, why me, why not me. How is that I am not treated fairly? Why am I not recognized? Why do I have to defend myself? Why am I not valued? Why can’t people see my point is the best? You feel you never get a chance in this economy, this country, the people you know. You may have a good reason to feel this way, but really it is not a nice place to be, as it robs our self-confidence, value, love and efficacy. (the ability to believe we can, and we have enough experience to back it up)

This could have been one moment in time, in your childhood, as an young adult, whenever. Very easily resentment can hold you tight in a position and time that hurts, you self and those around. Resentment is a toxic energy, a block that does not allow us see other developments or experiences that we could be grateful for. It can go so deep that we even don’t know it consciously.

What is Resentment?

a poison that brings along much pain. That notion of why me, my not me, why did you, why did you not, could keep us awake at night. The sense of being treated unfairly, being humiliated can lead to envy and jealously. At the core it’s a longing for being recognized for our view, our ability, our efforts, our good will – but others don’t always see it the same way, and we are not others. Resentment brings separation from the magic and bliss of the now, our potential, and ability to see beyond.

Resentment is a poison that many of us know and it is a suffering that keeps us stuck in the past.

To stay in resentment could be fatal, because it does not allow us to feel free and recognised, for some it could also be that another did not follow your ideas or opinion and you could not control the situation.

Resentment can become toxic chains that hold you in this poison of envy and being unrecognised, even unloved. Eventually, it can lead to an inability to see and being blind to truths that is outside this resentment, emotionally, mentally and even physically.

A way out of resentment

The only way out is loving self. Instead of looking at the failure of others, blame and shame, looking at the guilty and bad one, we can simply recognise Self. That quantum, infinite and true Self, listen, relax, open up the heart, until all of this matters no more. Once you let go of depending on others to show up the way you would like it, you are free.

Meditation can take you there, as it takes you out of the mental slavery of resentment that holds you.

The only way to heal the pain of resentment is LOVE. The only way to step out and open the eyes of love to see beyond. The easiest way is to get out of the mind, into a quantum space like in meditation.

An inventory to clean

Ever so often, a good clean out is a real blessing.

· Looking within at the toxic chains that hold you

· Making that vital choice to love self

· Opening your eyes to see the LOVE and gratitude

This is not living in lala land, this is being real and true, with the power to see without toxic chains of resentment. A place of conscious and vital choice.

Where can you journey take you? Embrace the new horizons and what unfolds.

Have you seen bitter people? Are you bitter? What a great opportunity to set yourself free.

What consciousness does it take to step up, out or beyond?

Initially, it is the ability to see the toxic chain of resentment, and a willingness to change. Secondly, it is understanding how we choose to cope with our life conditions at the time. Was it based in and order we considered absolute? Was it that we considered our opinion superior at that time? Was it that we could not see connections? Was it that could not see self? Was it that we felt a victim? Was it that we expected others to live our values our way? Was it that we could not handle difference and opposition?

Exploring the Shadow and become free
Shifting the Shadow & Density

A little story

I know of a father, how was resentful of his daughter for not making the choices he would have made. He felt she did not follow the family and him. Over the years, he could not see all the love she has brought him, the sacrifices and efforts she made.

Whenever, you asked him, he mentions the bitterness within, the resentfulness, that she did not choose his ideal, long time ago. These toxic chains of resentment are holding him, but also her, as she does not feel the appreciation for her efforts & love.

We don’t learn how to be conscious to resentment, and surely, we don’t learn how to release. We don’t learn to hold opposite and different ideas without judgement, but we could, so love could be free of conditions, if and buts.

Imagine he can let this go, and see instead all the love, sacrifices and efforts she brought.

Love to see you there in that free space. or help you to step up, step out or beyond.

It possibly be a journey, inspired by a mystical and bliss moment in time, that gives grace, courage and trust you can break it and unlearn the habit, break the chains and step beyond the mental slavery.

See you there. Happy to be a woman and a man as a bridge - ChakaRuna. Ready to explore the various realities at play and the mysticalbliss of the universe, the sacred.

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