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The Power of Your Conscious Choice from the Heart

by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

The Power of Your Conscious Choice from the Heart
The Power of Your Conscious Choice from the Heart

Consciously choosing takes you outside the automatic reactivity of your past drama and experiences into the Heart and our new Collective Ascension Potential to connect, relate, be, and lead the New.

The Shift to Conscious Choice is not to act out of fear and pain, hurt and our old drama, victim or victor, hero or judge.

In that free and empty space, you find your unique expression of Self as an Evolutionary Leader to serve and lead from the Heart.

The Power of conscious choice is not your conscious mind, but your multidimensional and perpetual consciousness.

It takes courage to step out of control and influence from our own gains to a mutual purpose, taking responsibility for our actions and energy in integrity, and embracing and trusting our heart-centeredness to bring harmony to all.

Where does Your Conscious Choice begin?

We become aware, it does not have to be this way.

It is easy to feel sorry for self - another colour of the victim.

It is easy to say: I can’t or I don’t know - another it's not me, I don’t take responsibility.

It is easy to keep in the box and the comfort of our masks, identity traps, enslavement, and entanglement - separated and disconnected.

How much longer do we want to react out of the old drama?

How much longer do we refuse the responsibility to create from our boundless beingness?

We may feel threatened, maybe lazy or we simply forgot we are here to evolve and "emancipate our Self from mental slavery", as Bob Marley sang many years ago.

I can tell you all about that.

Bob’s lyrics and talking with him in his garden, were all about that, I was 19 then and wondered. I felt the truth in my heart, the fire, and the LOVE.

Yet, it would take this Rebel, Maverick, and Pleaser another 30-something years to fully let my Heart-Fire burn and share the LOVE with YOU.

To embrace the weirdness and differentness that is our truths.

Letting go of the I can’t, I am sorry - the desperation, the struggle and fight between my I AM and this Human Patrick. It is easy to stay in the drama and suspense. And there is a time when it is done, and we are free. It has to break and go to create with intent in harmony, integrity, and LOVE.

Connectedness. Relatedness. Beingness.

The Power of Sound & Frequencies to evolve the old homo sapiens to homo luminous.  

The Vital Expression of the Unique Self is important.

When the shift of my conscious choice began, I trusted and being a conduit and instrument of the Power of Sound and Frequencies, with my music, voice, and language, became my natural and harmonic state of being.

Often one’s Soul Purpose is what we deny our Self - until we unLearn and understand we are here to make Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice accessible.

One way or another it is time to let go and to break the old.

We can't continue living in the old fear, separation, and control games.

This is Ascension, Awakening, Consciousness Shift, and Evolution.

We did not make it up  - the Earth moves to a Photon Belt every 12,000 years.

It brings intense Light energy and it is real science.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius. Solar Energies have not been so active for eons.

We are all invited. Do you hear the Call?

The Power in You and the Cosmic Support to Your Conscious Choice

We are in the middle of the 20 years between 2012 and 2032, the Great Awakening, in the Mayan Calendar and spoken about in all traditions, astrology, and philosophy.

What holds us back is our sleeping HeartFire.

How to access, decode, connect, and relate to manifest from the unmanifest and uncreated that is NOW - Ascension Potential.

You are here to dance with your Heart-Fire to your Unique Self, a Cosmic Heart Dance.

Yes, we can. We are here for that. It is a metaphor and it is metaphoric.

You are here! You are reading this!

You are ready to let go and rebirth, to express the Zeal and Zest in your Heart, and to create with your Heart-Fire in Harmony, Love, and Peace.

You are ready to step into your Harmonic States of Being to unify with your creativeness and enjoy the synergy of your Wholeness and our Togetherness. It all starts with the Power of Your Conscious Choice beyond the enslavement of your conscious and unconscious mind that wants to control to continue the fear, drama, and separation. Your conscious choice goes into you, the boundless consciousness of your Heart, your Soul, Nature, Earth, and the Cosmos. These are the fields Rumi invited us to Meet you there.

Our Journey can bring hurt and pain, despair and conflict until we make that sacred bond to our True Self, the Heart, I AM Presence.

When being and doing are no longer separated but unified, the synergy takes us into our evolution, Ascension, enlightenment, homo luminous, and New Earth.

The energies are here to support us.

The Solar Storms and Flares - the Energies and Light of the Photon Belt are taking us through. This only happens every 12,000 years that Earth is going through this belt.

No accidents, no punishment, but divine synchronicity.

Are you ready and awake?

Do you dare to shift to the Power of your Unique and Conscious Choice?

Yes, we can!

Find out on our website how we can be a Bridge, Key, and Light to your Evolving Self with the Power of Your Conscious Choice.


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