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Living from the Heart. Our Unique Choice: First Steps

Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Living from the Heart
Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice. First Steps

Ascension is on and we are called into Heart Awakening. Many of us have already entered New Earth and we are shifting into new octaves of consciousness and being Homo Luminous.

Now we get to the Heart - opening, connecting, and Living from the Heart.

How Ascension gets practical? We leave the old and rebirth.

How Heart Awakening can be seen and experienced?

How do we live in New Earth?

How to step into the 5th dimension and higher?

How do we shift to Homo Luminous?

Are you ready?

An evolutionary journey of Self, beyond labels and separation, dual and binary concepts to divide as we step out of the old entrapments, enslavement, and entanglement of the mind. This is where homo sapiens step into Homo Luminous.

It took me a few lifetimes and I don’t pretend, I can explain or understand.

I just get it and even today I connect with more who just get it. For most of my life, I was strange, as I was not attached to my physical existence. For some, I lived in illusion, but it so turns out I was not. Still shedding the skin of conditioning and old programs to fully step in my Wholeness and into the infinite fields of the impossible and unknown. We are on a fast track now, the cosmos supports us, and yet it is not outside of us.

What does it mean Living from the Heart?

Google is telling us when our mind accepts and expands with the energy and wisdom of the Heart.

Many feel: «"I hear my heart, wisdom and spirit, but my mind wants to rationalise, needs to make sense", or "I fell I don't know".

Living from the Heart is making that leap without the mind.

But this is a mystic experience where we no longer need the mind’s approval or the ego’s support or understanding. As long as we need the mind’s permission and logic - there is no living from the Heart.

It is more about allowing the relationship and connection with the heart.

No fight. No fix, no fear. No coping, no resilience. No discussion, no convincing, no manipulation. No Fight or Fuss. Just a natural coming together to evolve and ascend. Your Unique Choice.

What triggers our urge and longing is that we are ready to unify all that we are, is the Grand Heart Awakening, a portal that opened in February 2024 and will open for two years, according to my guidance. So in a way, we are called into Awakening through the Heart and many of us are ready or curious about Living from the Heart.

I am not here to convince you or tell you what to do, my words are simply a bridge to your heart and it is your choice, find your resonance, and truths. It is neither right or wrong, nor good or bad. There is nothing to argue or discuss. You are awakening in your unique way to the infinite fields of the impossible.

My words are doors for you to open and find your Self and a Unique Choice. I am here to hold you and love you through this.

What is Our Unique Choice?

It is simply our truth. One by one. As we make our choice uniquely and sovereign, we recieve the key to OUR New Collective Consciousness, to the New Earth.

We can also consider that humanity, homo sapiens, have been separated from the divine and the heart for thousands of years. We have come to the end of this separation, and many of us are awakening and coming back into this sacred harmony with the divine through the Heart. It does not come from the mind, but once the mind is connected it, no longer fights.

The ego may die or cease to exist as it no longer serves. No more persona or identity to defend, no more needing to know it all, no more fear, no more comfort zones, no more judgment of Self and others, no more excuses, no more blame and shame, no more people pleasing and whatever.

The Self transcends and evolves beyond its definition, ego, and its grip.

Yes, you are not alone. We are in this together.

Always connected. Always moving. Always evolving the physical form, and yet it is just connecting to YOU.

The Magic is not to get attached to our boundless and infinite Self, and remember who we truly are together. It is not the hermit's journey, not this time. Are you ready for the Magic of You?

It is Your Unique Choice that takes us all there, and that makes "Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice."

Metaphors and a mystic approach may give us the keys to step in.

First Steps for Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice

There are many ways to step in. They don’t have an order. You may get goosebumps, you may just know. You may be guided or it comes to you. Synchronicity, as it is called in Celestine Prophesy, a great Heart Awakening for me, over more than 30 years now.

All these steps can come to you in many different ways.

Reconnect to the Heart

There are really many options, no matter how, but it is crucial to Recconect to the Heart to truly Living from the Heart. It is just the beginning, and the praxis is crucial, and yet flows naturaly when we make a concious choice. No to change a mindset but to break a mental spell and slavery. Practical Heart Awakening. Yes, we have a program and you can join should it resonate with you.

Letting Go and Heal

I always hear Dolores Cannon saying: "You must let it go", and this is true.

It is not easy, and yet so true. The current energies of Solar Eclipse, Full and New Moons, and special conjunctions like Jupiter and Uranus simply support us.

It is like they give us the colour and a blank canvas to let go and heal.

It starts with letting go of the control of the mind, ego, and the persona-self to start enjoying the colours and create from our heart.

I am not a painter. For me it is music. There are endless notes and sound. We have an infinite source to create music from the heart.

When it comes to healing, much is your own Self Inquiry, discovery, realization, and how you choose to dance with the colours and notes that the cosmos and earth give you.

I am aware some forces are trying to hold on to old, and the power that it brings them.

I am aware many things are breaking, and nature can no longer sustain the pressure - however, we are not subject to the limitation of masterminds of contro,l but we are free in Living from the Heart, is Our Unique Choice.

There are Healing Lights and Artists around you, and when they come to you - just enjoy.

Meeting your Uniqueness and divine Self

It sounds easy, but really for most of us we do not know what is our Uniqueness.

You can choose Nature Immersion, Meditation, or Sound Experiences to meet Your Uniqueness and divine Self.

Embrace Your Integrity - all is in VIVE

Integrity has three meanings and you can find the IntegritySync in my other blogs. But when you can embrace, you can stand up and voice your truths, not against anyone but for You, and the light that You carry in your Heart.

Listen to your emotions and what you truly feel

When we truly listen to our emotions it is not just that rollercoaster of up and downs. When we truly feel it is the energy we live in, or vibe, our fields and light.

Meet and Allow LOVE

Love can break us and it can be dramatic, but this is not the LOVE I am talking about. LOVE is the essential Fractal Sound, Frequency, Energy, Consciousness, Dimensions, and Light. Love is the divine. When you meet that Love,and allow your Self to step in, you can Be LOVE.

Be kind and love your Self and Journey in Ayni

Kindness is a Harmonic States of being. To Love Self is maybe the biggest challenge you ever have. The journey in Ayni is walking in beauty and the sacred reciprocal relationship of all. Try it out.

Flow and embrace upgrades and new frequencies, energies, and light

What we resist persists. The upgrades can be challenging but we can flow with it, and it will allow us Living from the Heart:Our unique Choice.

There is so much space for you and our unique choice.

There are infinite fields of possibilities and the impossible.

Are you ready for rebirthing? Are you ready for Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice?


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