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Six insights embracing stress and flow

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Stress is a huge impact on all of us. It is lurking everywhere and causes much damage to individuals but also collectively.

Welcome to Seven Ways to embrace stress and flow from a Perspective of Sonqos' Worlds, the Worlds of the Heart.

We experience Stress, when our mind does not want to accept what is. I read recently on a facebook post of a friend without source.

And really that impressed me. After working with stressed people, and being stressed myself many times this is a refreshing point. Stress however is a serious matter and causes plenty havoc in our lives.

What is Stress?

Stress occurs when we are indeed not able to cope with a situation, when something is too much and we don't see a way out. So, yes, a matter of the mind.

Some say a certain amount of stress keeps you healthy, but the fact is, people get sick and even die of stress because they don't know how to handle it. Stress is affected the physical body, emotions, the mind, our behaviour and our wellbeing overall.

A few years ago I watched a Ted Talk on Making Stress Your Friend. For me that was truly inspiring and fitted much into my appreciative mindset.

Some of us find stress in our shoulders, some in the lower back, and others get headaches. This is a good time to pay attention, before it gets worse.

First insight embracing stress and flow

Recognise when something gets tight, dense, and too much for you.

Second Insight embracing stress and flow

Ask questions to yourself. What is happening? What are my emotions? What do I feel in my Heart?

Third Insight embracing stress and flow

Let it be ok that something stresses you, accept and embrace.

Forth Insight embracing stress and flow

Ask what can I learn from this? What can I change? I am not the victim or slave.

Fifth Insight embracing stress and flow

Take a break, breathe, rest, meditate.

Six Insight embracing stress and flow

Let it go and look at the situation differently. Explore new connections, new elements, new possibilities.

Hope that helps a bit. The six insights are not a fix or a final solution. It is really being in the flow and open to embracing stress and flowing with stress all the time.

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