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What is the Heart? Six Lenses of the HEART and the role of the HEART NOW in New Earth

Patrick Alexander Sonqo


The #Heart can be seen in many different ways and depending on our lenses of the #HEART we can access the HEART in different way and how we can enjoy the new role for us in New Earth.

Since we are Sonqos’ Worlds  - the worlds of the #HEART , and our brand anchor is Sonic Sonqos, two voices of the HEART: Ana Cecilia H. Sonqo and Patrick A. Sonqo  - two Authors of the HEART, living, vibrating, creating and facilitating from the Heart.

We have a EduCreation in our School.

Our first online program for 2024 is called: ReConnect to the HEART.

Patrick created Architecture of #HeartConsciousness and Sound into New Earth and Homo Luminous.

Our recipe and methodology for our work is HeartSync to Vibe Up.

We create HeartSynced Magic.

Our Art is HeArt

Most of Patrick’s Books are about the HEART and the list goes on.

A great time for clarity. What is this Heart that we are referring to?

What are the lenses of the Heart and its role in 2024 and beyond?

What lenses of the HEART can you experience and connect to?

This blog is the Bridge into Sonqos’ Worlds. It is the expression of our HEART and HeArt. We love to illuminate and unlock Your Heart, so we can enjoy the magic to journey with you to heal, to evolve and rebirth together at this time of ascension.

Here are the Lenses of the HEART. All are relevant.

Which ones do you resonate with?

What are the lenses do you receive from us?

Are you ready to explroe Lenses and role of the HEART into New Earth?

1. The linguistic lenses into the heart (#LinguisticHeart)

We can see the Semantics and semiotics through language.  The definitions, the meanings, the metaphors and the semiotic  bridges.

As much as I love #language and #languaging it can also be limiting in a world of SEOs, Hashtags and Keywords.

Maybe it is not what we search for, but what meaning the algorithms choose for us.

Language is dynamic and alive, ever evolving. Some cultures, like Jamaicans, love to create new meanings and double meanings all the time.

This can make communication very difficult. However, language is a key and a lens to the heart.  I choose to expand and sometimes break what seems common understanding into new #octaves, horizons, zeniths and #dimensions of understanding and #consciousness.

Let your heart fill the gaps and listen to your resonance and truths and new horizons of understanding. Thank you for opening your Heart to #lensesoftheheart.

2. The lenses of our Physical Heart

The heart plays this magical role in the body.  Even scientists and doctors struggle with understanding how it works in the heart. We can hear our heart, our pulse. Our physical heart is connected to all in our body, brings blood but also puts that smile on our face. For many of us it is more than a pump, as it is referred to sometimes in medicine. The lens of our physical heart is very much related to the pulse of life.

3. The lenses of our Emotional Heart (#HealingHeart)

From the lens of emotional well-being, we find many therapies and methodologies to heal the heart: coaching, emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, mental health, shamanic healing tools and many other methods attempting to heal or cope with the hurt and pain, the emotional blocks and separation.

4. The lens of the Vibration of our Heart (#HeartVibe)

The heart vibrates at an energy, consciousness and dimension, actually,  beyond high and low but directly connected to Source. We refer to as the 12th dimension and up, as this is where we all originate.

We are simply here to learn and unlearn, so we wake up and remember.

I coined #HeartSync to #VibeUp, not only as an unlearning recipe and methodology but the invitation of evolve and come home to the heart.

The heart calls us at this time into awakening to our true Self and #SpiritualIntegrity and #Ascension. Since the Law of Attraction, Nikola Tesla, and Dolores Cannon, we understand the significance of Vibration and how it attracts and connects to harmony in the universe.

5. The lenses of our Spiritual Heart

We can see our #SpiritualHeart through the eyes of Rumi, as the heart is the secret of the secret. In Advaita Vedanta and the eyes of Ramana Maharshi, Mooji and many others, we understand how the Heart becomes the access to our wholeness, our soul, spirit and source. What is your connection with the Spiritual Heart?

6. The lenses of our Heart Consciousness

The heart is the divine vibe, voice and light of Source within us, to reconnect to all again. This lens connects to the sacred rhythms of being whole in the infinite fields of possibilities and new horizons and octaves of Heart Consciousness.

The #HeartConsciousness is two fold: Firstly, the sacred bond of the observer, the I AM, the author at that magic when they #HeartSync through the Heart to embrace and embody this physical experienc; and Secondly, where we are shifting to homo luminous in new earth, in harmony #Ascension and the #AquarianAge.

HeartConsciousness can be like a #bridge and key to our Spiritual Integrity. What is #SpiritualIntegrity? When we fully come together through the #heart and we embrace our liberated soul and its mission for this time.

On the journey of ascension into the Aquarian Age, for the first time in the cosmos, we can access the Harmonic States of Being together, collectively. This shift is unprecedented and we all have been chosen and made that choice to be here at this time, like Dolores Cannon spoken about in Three Waves. She refers to souls that came in at different times since abourt 1950's, and each wave has their own mission. Of course, some continue in the 3 D matrix, but this is their journey and we hold them in compassion.

For those who have awoken the last  years or before, our choice is to deconstruct and break the structures and paradigms of enslavement, entanglement and entrapment, to heal separation and reconnect to our wholeness.

I was given the #Architecture of #HeartConsciousness and #Sound, like a guidance, a recipe, a key and medicine for all of us in #NewEarth as #homoluminous

Check out my upcoming blog to explore how you resonate with the magic of the Architecture of HeartConsciousness and Sound.

How can we look through these six lenses of Heart into New Earth?

Although, it seems to be important to embrace all lenses of the Heart, it is crucial to understand our current focus or what we have come to teach, in our case.

The Heart has #multidimensional #lenses.

As for me, I am always present and grateful to the lenses of my physical Heart, it keeps me here. I am fully aware of the healing Heart and the role it played for me and continues. The lenses of the linguistic Heart are important to us, as a bridge and infinite source of expression and understanding. The lenses of the Spiritual Heart really brought me here, it is a crucial part of being aware of my awakening, embracing my ascension trajectory. That leaves us with the lenses of the Vibrational Heart and Heart Consciousness. Yes, this is where you find us, this is what we teach, love, have been given and gifted with.

Do you know what lenses of the Heart are important to you now?

  • Are you in a healing space? It is the Emotional Heart that is calling you.

  • Are you in a spiritual awakening and metamorphosis? You are with your #SpiritualHeart

  • Are you ready to step into #newearth and #homoluminous? You are exploring your #HeartConsciousness. You know it is time to be a co-author and co-creator in Heart Consciousness

  • Do you get excited about the vibration, ascension and the shifts? You are with the Vibes of the Heart.

We are here for #HeartConsciousness, #HeartVibes and the #linguisticheart to be that ChakaRuna, a semiotic and semantic bridge for you. In this process we also enter the #HealingHeart.

How can you be a HeartAuthor and take your Role of the HEART in New Earth?

The Heart plays a vital role now for us into the infinite fields of possibilities, and even the impossible. The Time is NOW. The role does not have a description or instruction, but unlocks our uniqueness in the whole, like Rumi says, "we are the ocean in the drop". It is not defined. While it is within the wisdom and prophesies of all indigenous of this planet, the Mayan Calendar, the Aquarian Ascension and the Cosmos with Star Beings, our role is yet to be written, as we are still breaking and deconstructing, healing and awakening, weaving, co-creating, dreaming and singing this new earth into being, in harmony with earth and cosmos, the divine and all there is.

We are invited as star seeds and light workers, as map shifters and breakers, to become #AscensionArchetypes of the HEART, #HeartAuthors, Weavers and Lights, Healing and Leading Lights, Heart Consciousness Architects, Seeds of Love, ChakaRunas (men and women as a bridge) and many others.

Find out more about Ascension Archetypes soon in our Architecture of Heart Consciousness to connect to your role or roles in #HarmonicStatesofBeing, beyond identity and persona.

What role does the Heart play for you to open up?

Are you ready to step in this fields: ascension and NewEarth?

Are you tired of playing small and being inauthentic?

Are you longing to shift into homo luminous?

Are you ready to step into your #mastery?

We are here to love you through it all, with unwavering grit and magic

Then, let us journey together to explore this role as it is unfolding, unique to you and relevant collectively.

We are excited to hold up your Vibe of the Heart on this journey with you.

Check out our program #ReConnecttotheHeart

Check out our HeartSynced Music and Meditations

Stay tuned for our Path of the Heart in ShamanicLink and CosmicSync

Thank you for your presence.

From my heart to YOURS

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