Story,Sound & Spirit Medicine Art

LightSpirit Quests are here 

to unplug from what holds,

to unlock all that you are,

and unify to the emerging new consciousness and earth.  

Even your kids may enjoy it. 

Easy to explore in Your Space at your Pace. 

Simple audios; a story for each, and 4-5 classes that take you into

a relaxed and meditative state to YOU. 


Ready for You 

Wayki, the Hummingbird to discover your journey to YOU. 

Mettie, the Sloth to attune to your Presence. 

Tuatara, the Tuatara to connect to who you truly are. 

Sunny, the Giraffe to embrace your uniqueness from the Heart. 

Ahonui, the Dolphin to love the blessing you have come to be. 

Wayki by Cecie H. Sonqo