Sonqos' Worlds

HeartSynced Access to Consciousness.


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Here to transform what holds

into the Zing of Your Zenith of Wholeness. 

It starts when readiness comes to you. 


The Sonic Sonqos (Hearts), Cecie & Patrick, are HERE; 

to be of Service with the bounty of their magic and 

phronesis (practical wisdom) 

Here, to dare and care, to make space & facilitate,

to guide & bridge your journey. 

Beyond methods and concepts;

with the joy of Harmonic Resonance. 


Making Consciousness Accessible, HeartSynced

Meeting you where you are at 

Welcome to Sonqos´Worlds, a multi-dimensional heart zone.

A space to let go of entrapment, entanglement & enslavement; 

beyond drama, separation, control and reason.

 Dare to care and be ready to transform problems and their needs into wholeness.

Where the GoldPrint of your Emerging Ascension Archetype meets you 

There are three Access Points to enter Sonqos' Worlds and your journey with the Sonic Sonqos:


Access Point 1: Awakening Consciousness. Time to see beyond. 

Access Point 2: Heart. The journey within. 

Access Point 3: Destiny.  Catch the zing of your unique zeal and zest to your unique Zenith. 

 Attune to unplug, unlock & unify. 

What calls you?

You are tired of seeking & hiding, chasing & trying, fearing & fighting.


You are ready to quit DRAMA. 

Graduation time, to step into Your Presence, your power within and peace.

"Our Wave of LOVE washes away the pain and what holds, 

so you can enjoy what flows and unfolds.

Our Vital Flame burns away the old to illuminate your sacred routes,

so you can receive your codes & keys to your true roots. 

Our Sonic Breeze clears the negative vibes and traps, 

our Crystal Rock keeps you safe on your own heartsynced maps"

                                                Patrick´s Phronesis 

Yes, we are in this together. 

Yes, we are excited about where consciousness takes You.

Yes, we are here for this. 

Yes, we are designed for this shift to Homo Luminous. 

Join the magic NOW.