Sonqos' Worlds

Pathways of the Heart for an awakening world. 
Consciousness Architecture   


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Cecie & Patrick Sonqo

The Sonic Sonqos are excited to be here with you,

at this time of an awakening world, 

 transition, evolution, and transcendence. 

Here to illuminate and enlighten your journey with

Eclectic & multipolar Pathways to 

peace & power (to & with), presence & potential. 


Consciousness Architecture of the Heart, as a gold print, 

so you can step on your trajectory HeartSynced. 

For your business, profession & Wholeness. 

Leaders & Practitioners, DreamAuthors & Homo Luminous 

in JoyFlow. 

Here so you can enjoy Education & Sound, 

Language & Culture, Ethics & Integrity attuned to your fields. 

Inviting you to take Heart to be Part.: 

as ChakaRunas (men & women as a bridge)

for the time of transitioning and 

as Pillars of LIGHT of a NEW EARTH. 


The Worlds of  the Heart

Where your Heart is met!¡

Welcome to  Sonqos´Worlds, a mulit-dimensional space for an awakening world of women and men who dare to care. 

To be the choice, consciousness & uniquness they have come to be. 

To be aware & awake., alive & attuned to the HEART. 

To be vital & vibrant, uniquely & collectively

A space to enjoy how to heartsync through Creative Productions, in the School and Privates. 

A spce 

Where the Light meets You!

A Space to be part of Consciouseness Architecture that lights you up. 

A space of eductation with the Art & Sound, Keys & Love of the Sonic Sonqos & the Source of LIGHT 

to illumnate you pathway in your life, your business & profession, your passion & blessings. 

vA Space to learn and unlearn, to flow & shine, to unplug. unlock & unifly. 

 Consciousenss Architecture is platform and playform 

to  bring You to play & life, to voice & Light for a new Consciousenss. 

Wondering where you can be?

As you quit seeking & hiding, chasing & trying, fearing & fighting.

As you learn with every breath, every step, every word 

to step into Your Presence, you power within and inner peace

you can enjoy and explore the space of Consciousness Architecture, Heartsynced. 

Our Wave of LOVE washes away the pain and what holds, 

so you can enjoy what flows and unfolds.

Our Vital Flame burns away the old to illuminate your routes,

so you can receive your sacred keys to your true roots. 

Our Sonic Breeze clears the negative vibes and traps, 

our Crystal Rock keeps you safe on your heartsynced maps. 

                      from Patrick´s Heart Phronesis 


Where are you on your AwakeningTrajectory?

Attuned to your GoldPrint & Uniqueness? 

Ready to bring Consciousness Architecture into your LIFE? 

 HeartLight or DreamAuthor. Chakaruna or Pillar of Ligtht 


Ready to HeartSync your fields of dreams? 

Business & Society, Community & Vitalnomics,

Education & Creatiions, 

HeartBranding & HeartEndeavors, +++

© 2022  by Cecie H.Sonqo