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Entering Sonqos'  Worlds. The Worlds of the Heart.

Sonqos' Worlds

Music, Language & Wisdom from the Heart

for HeartConscious Living 

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Meet you at AccessPoint Heart

 to new Octaves of Music, Languaging and Wisdom

Cecie & Patrick. Channels of the Heart,

ShamanicLink, Sound & ConsciousnessArchitecture CosmicSync.


ChakaRunas (Bridges) to New EARTH

A safe and sound SPACE with Specials to the Magic 

 every three months 

experience to self-realise 

immerse to shift 

emerge to shine and serve 


face-to-face, virtual or audio 

to shift to new States, Octaves, Dimensions, Lenses, Frequencies, Horizons and Zeniths of Beingness, Wholeness, Connectedness, Consciousness, Creativeness+++,

as a Choice for the Aquarian Age, Awakening & Ascension 


Cecie & Patrick, the Sonic Sonqos, inviting you to the Sacred Space of Sonqos' Worlds,  a space for YOU - beyond methods, programs & paradigms.

Sonic Sonqos' Special  
September 18th - December 18th, 2023 

 Are you ready to self-realize, shift and shine?

We share with you 3-4 

Specials every 3 months 

wherever we are 


and virtual 

HeArt Shop is always open 

School & Privates by Application 

We are planning to travel,

share, facilitate and shine 

in Jamaica & and Europe in 2024 

Make your inquiries NOW 

Sonic Sonqo's Special.PNG

Visit our HeArt Shop

is always OPEN

Always new recordings in 432 Hz 

(English, Español, Deutsch)

Meditative Music & Sound Journeys

We can also record for you,

uniquely attuned to your situation. 

New Audio Series  for Your Self-Study:

Ascension Catalysts

LightSpirit Quests

By Application:

Retreats for 2024

Chakana School


By Order:

Cecie’s HeArt

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