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Entering Sonqos'  Worlds. The Worlds of the Heart.

Sonqos' Worlds

Grand Awakening of the Heart to

Heart Consciousness happens here 

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Bridges to the Heart
for Heart-Centered Living 

Welcome,  Ana Cecilia and Patrick inviting you

to the Worlds of the HEART, Home of 

Heart-Centeredness and the Grand Awakening of the HEART 

Sonic Sonqos, 

Two Voices of the Heart in Harmonic States of Being,

 Metamorphic, Metaphoric. Mystic HeartFire, the Expression & Praxis


 Viital Ascension Services are attuned to Cosmic and Earth

Rhythms of Harmony embodied Wisdom and Heart Consciousness 

Immersive Unique Retreats, Programs, Ceremonies, Music to Meditate 

Story, Songlines and HeArt to deconstruct, trust and rebirth to YOU 

New Earth Keys & Light Codes to access and attune, link and sync,

co-create and author the Tapestry of New Earth

as Homo Luminous.


ChakaRunas Sonqo (Heart Bridges) & Guides to Heart Awakening,

 Self-Discovery. self-realisation Heart Living. in New Earth

Scroll down to our Specials 


Sonic Sonqos' Specials 2024

ReConnect to the Heart Online Program

Visit our HeArt Shop

is always OPEN

Always new recordings in 432 Hz 

(English, Español, Deutsch)

Heartsynced, Mystic and  Meditative Music & Sound Journeys

We can also record for you,

uniquely attuned to your situation. 

New Audio Series  for Your Self-Study:

Ascension Catalysts

LightSpirit Quests

By Application:

Retreats for 2024

Cosmic, Spiritual, Shamanic guidance, authoring & mentoring

Private Metamorphosis 

By Order:

Cecie’s HeArt

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