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A Full Map to our SPARK Support & HeArt

By the Sonic Sonqos from Sonqos’ Worlds

At AccessPoint Heart.

You have been asking for this and here it is.

We love what we do and open to fulfil our mission of new earth together with you.

So, we all can be that unique I, collective and united. A dance of the sacred feminine & masculine within and beyond, for your POWER of CHOICE.

We are happy to support your journey of:

  • Stepping beyond your current situation

  • Vital shifting from within

  • Awakening and ascension

  • Connecting and embodying the integrity, as unique & collective wholeness in your Presence

  • Our Role can be seen as SupportSparks into the worlds beyond, the Age of Aquarius, Ascension, New Earth, Homo Luminous.

Our role as SupportSparks can include:

  1. As Light & Source Channels, Spirit Whispers, Multidimensional Journeys to enter where you may not have access to retrieve Peace & Harmony in Integrity.

  2. As HeArtists, Creators in Presence bringing our Bounty of magic, wisdom & gifts, to ignite your SPARK to SHINE.

  3. As ChakaRunas, a woman and a man as a bridge into your Potential in new octaves and consciousness and your Integrity. Transition and Transformation Tools to be you.

  4. As Pentatonic Keys, to play the music within you or to invoke and activate healing and vital shifting codes and keys

Our HeArt is also, painting, crafts, design and photography from Cecie, and writing, language and music from Patrick.


How does our SPARK Support look like?

You resonate and possibly have a Self Realisation. You are looking for messages, insights, understanding, and guidance beyond your realms and horizons of consciousness and understanding.

We have an exploratory call

Whether you are interested in a short course, mystic experience, private journey,

session or Unique Retreat, we always have a 10 -15 min exploratory chat to find synchronicities. Meeting you at AccessPoint Heart in your world.

We then make an offer as a map, and you can choose it, with plenty room for the unknown and unexpected.

We only work with you when we are sure we can support your inquiry to journey with you.

Every map is uniquely created for you and your particular need.

Always in harmony with the cosmos, earth, your guides and ours, pure light, Love and source.

Our servings can include:

Channeled wisdom, Pentatonic Keys, Meditative States, Healing Arts & Healing Codes, an infinite source of the Impossible, Travelling to multidimensional spaces, cards, smoke, ashes attuned uniquely to you +++ your permission and decisions, in the spaces of Integrity.

You can choose to work with Patrick alone. However the sound recordings can be with

Cecie & Patrick together. In some cases with Cecie alone.

Generally, there are sessions or classes and in between, you can send voice messages in regard to how you are going and of course get replies. We call support feed back loops.

You may get 432 hz sound recordings.

Stand alone session do not include anything else

We offer SPARK Support & HeArt on zoom virtually or face2face,

generally in Lamas/San Martín-Perú.

However, from:

  • August 11-22 in Lima, Miraflores, Perú

  • September 10-October 12 in the Sacred Valley of Perú

Limited Spaces

After November 1st again available in

Lamas, our Jungle home

Check out our School, Privates and Retreats for specific

SPARK Support & HeArt can also be experience as audios:

  1. Meditative Music & Pentatonic Keys for Healing, connecting to the energies, relaxation, presence, vital shifting from within Available in our HeArt Shop till August 15. After, selected free listening. You can buy and receive audio in your email automatically from US$ 5

  2. LightSpirit Quests Audio Series with spirit or power animals, story, sound & 4-5 classes. Story at US $ 22, with all classes US $ 55. Hummingbird, Sloth, Dolphin, Giraffe, Tuatara at the moment

  3. Ascension Catalyst. Unique Audio Courses, can be with guidebooks, intuitive unlearning to your self realisation and resonance. You can book additional support sessions for US $ 111 each. Currently available Chakana Compass, one of the GoldPrints of our own Consciousness Architecture to new earth. Currently, in creation, and up by August 23, Relational Keys, another GoldPrint. They will be at US $ 122 each. The free Course: ConsciousnessArchitecture: the Map will also be here by August 23

  4. The upcoming books. First one of the Series: AccessPoint Heart: The Gifts & Choice of Vital Shifting from within. Part 1 Unplugging. Unlocking & Unifying will follow soon. Mystic Stories of the Heart. An Anthology of three stories will be also available soon. You can reserve your copy.

Who do we support?

Mostly, one or two, and if you have a team or group. Individuals and couples

But we don’t organise much events or bigger courses.

If you wish for us to come to your space, we possibly can.

Women, Men, Couples, Children, Dogs, Cats , Horses and their owner(s)

What is our Ayni?

We work on reciprocal exchange.

We support up to four at a time to guarantee our Presence with all.

We produce much free content and value in balance and sometimes at specials.

Please do not bargain, we give value. Promise. No hourly rate.

We choose Scholarships

  • Session for 1 person: US $ 255 Usually includes recorded meditation or sound.

  • Couple Session: US. $ 377

  • Journeys with 1 person: Monthly from US $ 1099

  • Couple Journeys monthly from US $ 1389

  • Heart Harmonics: 2 session and remote work, from US $ 566

Ask for specifics.

Dogs, Cats with their owners

Reflections, projections, dynamics, mirrors, traumas.

Virtual by zoom or Face2face

  • 1 Session US $ 155

  • 3 sessions with support, feedback loop and sound recordings US $ 499

  • Horses by request


School Magic

  • Short Course Series for Practitioners: GoldPrint to new earth unique to you. More info in school. Book your exploratory call

5 Classes with support feedback loop

your mastery presentation.

Virtual or Face2Face

1 participant US $ 1,577

2 participants, half each

3 participants, a third each.

  • Mystic Experiences Ceremonies from US $ 255 for 1. Up to 3 participants. Some are available Virtual

  • AccessPointHeart. Unique designed to you. Range of possibilities to unplug, unlock and unify. Min 3 sessions with the support feedback loop from US $ 1,299 for 1, max 2 US $ 711 each

  • Beyond Munay Ki 13 Sound Initiations, 3 new ones from us Praxis, Connections, teachings, insights. Guidebook

5 sessions virtual or face2face

1 participant. US $ 1633

2 participants. Half per person

3 participants third per person


Happy to hear about you?

Book your exploratory call and, we will be there.

From our hearts to yours

Cecie & Patrick

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