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The Magic of NOW

Our Path have crossed, it is thrilling to have you in the space.

A bridge was spun between our hearts, souls, source fractals and lives.

The Magic is in the NOW is the synchronicity and synergy that awakens us to see beyond and the magic within.

All is connected. All is dynamic. All is LOVE.

To live in the Magic of Now it takes new horizons of understanding beyond:

We can

1. conspire and weave our shift into our lives.

2. ride the wave to new earth and new octaves of consciousness

3. meet at AccessPoint Heart and shift

4. find our CenterPoint

5. access now Operating System Heart of Homo Luminous

6. come into our ‘Light Heart’ and our unique wholeness

7. enjoy Harmony and enjoy the dance of the right relationship with all again

What does it mean, we are in this together?

The energies, the Light, the frequencies of the cosmos are here, we can’t hide, we can’t resist, we can’t ignore. The Aquarian Age, the New Golden Age, New Earth or what ever resonates are here. For the first time we have a chance and choice to shift together into new octaves of consciousness. We can rebirth with earth together. The Magic of NOW is here and we are on this shift and journey together. Many traditions, indigenous wisdom, true prophesies of seers and sages and even Atlantis makes it clear we have this chance and choice NOW.

Seven We CAN, collectively and uniquely are the Magic of NOW.

to our own and the cosmic wisdom of connectedness and new consciousness - the Magic of NOW.

  1. Conspire and weave our shift with the cosmos

Are you to unite with cosmos to shift within and collectively to evolve together attuned to the Aquarian Age?

Is your vision clear to step through the portals and gateways?

The Cardinal Grand Cross on the July 18th, the Lions Gate, on July 26th and the precious Solstice, the GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days of the Mayan Calendar to weave this shift into your uniqueness, your collective Self and Cosmic Consciousness. The Magic of NOW

Are you ready for the wisdom and love within you and the cosmos and source?

2. Ride the wave to new earth and new octaves of consciousness

Do you remember you are here for this? You are here to be that shift.

Do you know you its time to ride the wave into the new octaves of consciousness beyond the mind and the past conditions of humanity here on planet earth?

Do you dare to make that quantum leap on this wave?

3. Meet at AccessPoint Heart to enjoy your vital shifting from within

Are you connected to your Heart?

Can you imagine to trust your Heart?

Are you ready to break the walls in your heart to set free?

4. Find our CenterPoint

Can you see the duality, polarities and dialectics?

Can you step into your center and dance in your truths?

Are you ready to step on the Medicine Wheel of the Chakana to enjoy your CenterPoint?

5. Access now Operating System Heart of Homo Luminous

The OSH of Homo Luminous is really just active and alive. We are still in the process of fully accessing. You can find your Operating System Homo Luminous in your Heart and it is based on LOVE.

As Homo Sapiens our Operating Systems was mind and based in survival.

Fear, lack, control, blame, shame and guilt, logic, conclusions and drama kept us in karma and suffering. in the Magic of NOW we can exist and consciously leave the default entrapment, enslavement and entanglement of the mind.

In your awareness You can declutter from the illusion of survival.

Are you ready to let conclusions go to open your free space?

Are you ready to accept your creations and others choices, synchronicity and synergy? (nothing to blame or feel guilty for)

Do you dare to accept your choices without having to prove expectations and norms, external to you?

6. Come into our ‘Light Heart’ and our unique wholeness

For 18 months we have the chance to get a light heart, with the Lunar South Node in Libra. The Egyptian Goddess MAAT is here to support us, as well as the Hawaiian Goddess Humea.

The Magic of NOW also brings us the Lunar North Node of Aries to take our uniqueness into consciousness and the Aquarian Spirit of New EARTH.

Do you dare to truly get a Light Heart?

Do you dare to be truly you in the spirit of Aquarius and New EARTH?

7. Rebirth to the sacred rhythms of Harmony into right relationship with earth and all

For too long we lost the connection to self, nature, earth, cosmos and even spirit and source. More that 4000 years ago we went into separation and survival, suffering and shame.

Is it a good time now to rebirth to the sacred rhythms of Harmony?

Can you attune to earth and all dancing and loving again?

Are you ready for the Magic of NOW?

Ask us about Ascension Archetypes and Consciousness Architecture.

It is time to step up.

Our mission and calling, our roles and Ascension Archetypes, our passion and HeArt is here to support you and journey with you.

Enjoy our website, our writings, magic and HeArt.

Yes, we are here to be of service and we appreciate your support by buying and enjoying our HeArt and Magic, so we can continue.

We love to journey with you in the way that resonates with you.

We are very excited and thrilled to share the Magic of NOW with you that we are receiving as channeled light from source, cosmic consciousness and shamanic wisdom.

AccessPoint Heart

From our hearts to yours


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